“Between the Lion and the Unicorn”

MALVERN CELLAR specialises in supporting local small breweries, cider, perry makers and vineyards of the region, mainly from the three counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. A wide range of beer, cider, perry, wine, gin, vodka, apple juice, water is available. Also for sale are local ice cream, rape oil, vinegar, jams, pickles, chutneys, honey and other condiments; Jenny Pearce’s baskets made from Herefordshire willow; bowls, mugs and dishes by well known potters Molly Attrill and Elspeth Soper; intricate wooden boxes made by Nicholas Heriz- Smith, and a selection of old glass and ceramics associated with food and drink.

Off sales are the mainstay of the business but there is an opportunity to taste some of the drinks on offer before purchase.


... Local

We aim to support independent local producers who are honest about their ingredients and transparent about their methods of production. The drinks are sourced from local ingredients and made with artisan attention to detail which can’t be matched on an industrial scale.

Some of the producers have organic accreditation but many are unable to afford costly Soil Association Accreditations but still use little or no sprays and no artificial fertilisers in the management of their fields, orchards and vineyards.

The resulting products are handmade to the highest standards with modern hygienic equipment, resulting in contemporary individual drinks but crafted with time honoured traditional methods.

VEGAN & ...

... Gluten-Free


Much of the stock – beer, cider, perry and wine – is vegan friendly and shows the Vegan trademark. Most of the drinks are not clarified using animal or fish products such as isinglass (fish bladder), gelatin, egg whites and seashells.


All cider, perry, wine and fruit juice are by their nature gluten free as are all the spirits.  Malvern Cellar has sourced a small range of Gluten Free beer for people with coeliac disease, which is locally produced by the Severn Brewing Ltd.